02/13 Monday: Right on Crime, Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity, Sen. Sharon Hewitt, Tom Aswell


Elaine Ellerbe

Ellerbe, the Director of Right on Crime joins the show to talk about "operating smarter" when it comes to incarceration.  Right on Crime is a program devoted to being smart on crime rather than spending large amounts of taxpayers' money on incarceration.

Derek Thompson

Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson uncovers the hidden psychology of why we like what we like and reveals the economics of cultural markets that invisibly shape our lives. Thompson's book, Hit Makers is a magical mystery tour through the last century of pop culture blockbusters and the most valuable currency of the twenty-first century—people’s attention.

Sharon Hewitt


Senator Sharon Hewitt joins the show to talk about Senator Troy Brown. Hewitt describes the opening day of the special session and how Brown's future will depend on the upcoming due process.


Tom Aswell

Louisiana Voice's Tom Aswell joins the show to discuss a few topics in the second hour of the show.  Aswell and Jim talk about Sen. Troy Brown, Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump and Putin.