02/10: Kenneth E. Miller, Cormac O'Brien, David Bellinger and Patrick McCarron

Hour One

Kenneth E. Miller

Miller is an author and joined the show to discuss his book, War Torn: Stories or Courage, Love, Resilience. Kenneth Miller is a psychologist and expert on the impact of war on civilians. He has worked with war impacted communities since 1991.

Cormac O'Brien

Cormac O'Brien is an author and discussed his book, Secret Lives of US Presidents: Strange Stories and Shocking Trivia From Inside the White House. O'Brien is the author of many other books and has made appearances on CNN, NPR and more. He was born in New York and currently lives in New Jersey.

Hour Two

David Bellinger and Patrick McCarron 

Regular callers and listeners turned into guests when David Bellinger and Patrick McCarron joined the show on opposite sides of the political spectrum to debate on Trump and other current issues. Bellinger is a resident of Atlanta and represented the left and McCarron joined in-studio as a resident of Baton Rouge to represent the right.