01/16 Monday: Alton Sterling Case, Addiction Battle, Terrorism in Public Venues, Media & Journalism


Rev. Gil Wright & Rev. Raymond Jetson

Rev. Gil Wright of New Light Baptist Church and Rev. Raymond Jetson join together on Martin Luther King Day to talk about race relations and the impending decision on the Alton Sterling case.

Ann Wilder

BCSW and Certified Addiction specialist Ann Wilder talks about how to identify signs of addiction and confront a loved one who struggles with it.


Aubrey Futrell

Terrorist expert and police trainer, Futrell gives advice on what people should do immediately if a shooting breaks out at work, school, church or any public venue.

Earl Casey

One of the cofounders of CNN and longtime news director, Casey joins the conversation to determine if the media is making perpetrators famous and if the 'Journalistic Catch 22' is glorifying terrorism.