01/13 Friday: Preserve Louisiana, Mike Lawrence running for State Treasurer, Scott Wilfong


Fairleigh Cook Jackson & Peggy Sweeney McDonald

Preserve Louisiana will go on its first cultural and architectural tour in Natchez, Mississippi. Fairleigh Jackson is the Exec. Dir. of Preserve Louisiana and she has teamed up with Peggy Sweeney-McDonald, the creator and author of "Meanwhile, Back at Café Du Monde … Life Stories about Food,"  for the Jan. 27-29 trip to Mississippi.

Mike Lawrence

David Duke's former campaign manager joins the show to announce that he will be running for State Treasurer.


Dayne Sherman & Scott Wilfong

Political consultants, Republican Scott Wilfong and Democrat Dayne Sherman talk about Donald Trump. Sherman and Wilfong discuss the future of American politics, Trump's relationship with Russia, Troy Brown and Mike Yenni.