08/22 Monday: Caroline Fayard, former Gov. Kathleen Blanco, Suzy Terrell & Ali Akbar


Caroline Fayard

Caroline Fayard is running for U.S. Senate.  Fayard talks about Denham Springs and the recovery for her hometown after the flooding. Caroline uses this opportunity to help others and show what she would do for Louisiana if elected for Senate.

Kathleen Blanco

Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco joins the show to compare Hurricane Katrina the year she was in office to the recent floodings in Louisiana. 


Suzy Terrell

Former commissioner of elections Suzy Terrell talks about the Baton Rouge flooding and politics.  Terrell talks about the media's coverage of flooding and its effect on the presidential race.

Ali Akbar

Ali Akbar is a Republican political consultant and he joins the conversation with Suzy Terrell about politics and the nation's response to the Baton Rouge flood.