08/19 Friday: Treasurer John Kennedy, General Honore, American Humane Society, George Sells, Our Lady of Lake Exec.


John Kennedy

State Treasurer and Senate candidate John Kennedy joins the show to give information about volunteering and donating items that are needed around the city. 

Russel Honore

General Russel Honore is no amateur when it comes to natural disasters.  Honore has been in shelters volunteering and helping all week. On the show Honore talks of his experiences and how they've gotten thousands of people organized in different shelters this week.


Robin Ganzert

Ganzert is the Pres. and CEO of American Humane Society.  She discusses the society's first response efforts.  American Humane is sending rescue trucks from Oklahoma and Pennsylvania with supplies and equipment to shelter up to 100 animals.

George Sells

Former WAFB anchorman George Sells joins the show to vent about what has happened in the community.  Sells compares the storm that flooded the city to Hurricane Agnes in Pennsylvania in 1970. 

Scott Wester

Our Lady of the Lake Chief Executive Officer Scott Wester joins the show to talk about all the Dr.s, Nurses and employees who have helped the patients and community during this storm and tragedy.