08/12 Friday: Central Mayor Jr. Shelton, Tattoo Talk, Olympic Update, The Presidential Election, Flash Flood Update

Hour 1:

Jr. Shelton

Central Mayor Jr. Shelton joins Jim to discuss the historic flooding in parts of southern Louisiana is closing roads and flooding homes.  Shelton reports no fatalities in his area yet but warns residents to be cautious when out on the road and to obey all signs. 

Tattoo Talk

Halen Doughty

Tattoo enthusiast and reporter with Louisiana Radio Network Halen Doughty joins Jim to talk tattoos. Doughty is 23-years-old and has 33 tattoos. She says she got her first tattoo at age 17. 

Olympic Update

Former LSU gymnast Susan Jackson is in studio to give an update on what is going on at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. 

Hour 2:

Eric Skrmetta

Donald Trump's Louisiana Campaign Chairman Eric Skrmetta chats with Jim to discuss Trump's jokes and personality. Skrmetta discusses Trump's personality and how he is misunderstood by many. 

Flash Flood Update

State Climatologist Barry Keim gives an update on the flash floods plaguing the majority of southern Louisiana.