08/11 Thursday: Win the Race or Die Trying; Gus Weill; Jeff Sadow


Jack B. McGuire

Jack B. McGuire's book tells the story of the last year of Earl K. Long's life and the campaign that he won. Win the Race or Die Trying captures the essence of Earl Long by chronicling the desperate, death-defying campaign he waged to redefine his legacy.

Gus Weill

Political analyst, Gus Weill describes the traits of the two Presidential candidates.  He predicts the outcomes if Hillary or Donald were to win the presidency. 


Jeff Sadow

Jeffrey Dennis Sadow is an associate professor of political science at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. He is known for his Internet writings on behalf of political conservatism and the Republican Party in Louisiana. Sadow discusses Jeff Landry, Troy Brown, Democratic and Republican parties, and TOPS for higher ed.