06/03 Friday: Smiley Anders' Column's 37th Birthday, Charlotte Stewart, Summer Reading, HB 350, Chittom on Trump,


 Smiley Anders

Smily Anders of The Advocate joins Jim in the studio on the eve of his column's 37th birthday. 

Charlotte Stewart

Stewart is famous for portraying the role of beloved schoolteacher "Miss Beadle" in the popular television series Little House on the Prairie (1974).  She talks with Jim about filming with Elvis Presley, meeting her husband on set and upcoming projects she is looking forward to.

Mary Stein

Stein, the Assistant Direction of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library, promotes summer reading for children and adults the summer.


Susan Raborn

Susan Raborn talks about HB 350.  Raborn discusses the benefits of the bill and what it took to get the legislation to the governor's desk. 

Michael Chittom

Delegate Michael Chittom explains why Donald Trump is fit to be president and why Hillary Clinton is not.