05/30 Monday: The Crawfish Boat, Funding for Art in Louisiana, Michael Medved on Donald Trump


John Laudun

Author John Laudun explains how the history of the crawfish boat, where a diverse network of individuals take pieces of aluminum and steel and invent a traditional amphibious boat transformed the economics of rice agriculture in Louisiana, in his book, "The Crawfish Boat."

Ann Connelly

State law requires that 1 percent of the total spent on a major public construction project or renovation be spent on art inside or outside of the grounds. The bill would add a cap of $450,000 to the art expenditure, or 1 percent, whichever is less.  Ann Connelly joins Jim on the show to express her feelings about the bill and how important art and artists are to Louisiana culture.



Michael Medved

Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and bestselling author.  He was a classmate of Hillary and Bill Clinton and is no fan of Donald Trump.  Medved discusses with Jim the reasons The Donald should not become the President.

Medved also talks about his fascination with WWII and the museum in New Orleans as it relates to his upcoming book.