05/27 Friday: Black Family Initiative, Flashback Friday, MPAC, Dated Terminology, Behavioral Specialist


Rev. Donald Hunter

Rev. Donald Hunter has previously served 25 years in the state government.  He joins Jim on the show to talk about The Black Family Initiative.  The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the family in all areas of relationships such as marital, parental and spousal by using a multi-systemic approach to create a Intervention unit that will become an asset to society.

Flashback Friday: David Duke & Charles Jones

For flashback Friday we hear state representatives David Duke and Charles Jones quarrel about affirmative action May 30, 1990.

Renee Chatelain

The president and chief executive officer of the The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge joins the show to promote MPAC- Music, People, Art, Community. The Shaw Center for the Arts will offer different entertainment and cuisine during downtown Baton Rouge's biggest annual party.  Tickets are on sale at artsbr.org


Frank Wu

Law professor Frank Wu talks about the executive order President Obama signed pertaining to the use of dated terminology ("negro" and "oriental") in federal law. Wu agrees with the decision of the President and harps on the respect associated with calling people what they want to be called.

Debbie Silverman

Debbie Silverman is a Human Behavior Specialist and President of a consumer research company called Consumer Perspective LLC.  Debbie talks about the gestures made by presidential candidates and what people should pay attention to before they go to the polls.