05/24 Tuesday: Jay Ducote & BBQ in Louisiana, Jason Decuir, Jay Perkins on Journalism, Politics with Roy Fletcher


Jay Ducote

Stephanie Riegel subs in for Jim today. Her first guest is Chef Jay Ducote.  Ducote's blog and radio show, Bite and Booze, creates food and beverage content that chronicles Ducote's cultural indulgent experiences.  He developed Jay D's Louisiana Barbecue Sauce while competing in barbecue cook-offs and writing about barbecue.

Jason DeCuir

Jason DeCuir serves as Chief of Staff and Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs with the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR). DeCuir supervises the Litigation and Policy Services divisions, and the development of processes to enhance the state’s ability to fairly and efficiently collect revenues and administer the state’s tax laws.  Decuir addresses taxes, tax reform and the session.


Jay Perkins

Jay Perkins specializes in investigative reporting, computer-assisted reporting and political consulting techniques. Perkins, a former professor from LSU Manship School, talks about journalism and the changing media.

Roy Fletcher

Roy Fletcher is the owner of Roy Fletcher Inc., a political consulting firm based in Baton Rouge, La. He has over 30 years of campaign experience and talks with Stephanie about politics at the local, state and national levels