05/23 Monday: Dr. Monty Sullivan, New Cancer Drug--Keytruda, Clay Higgins, Flying into Hurricanes, Mike the Tiger Diagnosed with Cancer


Dr. Monty Sullivan

The President of the Louisiana Community & Technical College System joins the show after testifying before congress on educational job/ training programs.  Sullivan talks about the costs of funding these programs and different education opportunities in Louisiana.

Dr. Jay Brooks

Dr. Brooks is the Chairman of Dept. of Hematology/Oncology at Ochsner Medical Center.  He discusses with Neal the new Cancer Drug, Keytruda. Dr. Brooks talks about the side effects and costs of this new treatment.


Clay Higgins

Clay Higgins, the man popularly known as the ‘Cajun John Wayne', has recently announced that he is running for Congress.  Higgins discusses his reasoning for running and why he feels he needs to answer to "the will of the people."

Lt. Commander Jason Mansour

Lt. Commander Mansour is the Commander of Gulfstream 4 SP High Altitude.  He specializes in environmental intelligence, where sometimes he may carry out 8 hour missions. Mansour explains the circumstances and characteristics of storms, along with some of his experiences as a hurricane hunter. 

Ginger Guttner

Ginger Guttner is the Director of PR for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. LSU's Mike the Tiger has been diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, which could be the first ever diagnosis of the condition in a tiger. Guttner gives us an update on Mike's condition and some of the logistics for moving a 400 lb. tiger to Baton Rouge’s Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center where he will be treated.