05/11 Wednesday: Congressman Garret Graves, Bobby Jindal with Tom Aswell, Ray Strother, House Bill 1: Cutting from DHH


Garret Graves

Congressman Graves talks to Jim about the different projects that have come up on capitol hill.  The commute between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, traffic and construction updates and even a possible endorsement of Donald Trump are all explored topics on today's show.

Tom Aswell

The political consultant talks about Bobby Jindal in his new book, Bobby Jindal: His Destiny and Obsession.  Tom and Jim discuss Jindal's opinions of Donald Trump as well as the people of Louisiana and how they view the former governor.


Ray Strother

Ray talks about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as the "know nothing candidates." Ray and Jim discuss parties and voter decisions in America related to the presidential election.

Dr. Rebekah Gee

The secretary of health talks about HB 1. Rebekah Gee says the House budget committee shifted dollars away from DHH and this could lead to multiple hospital closures and would eliminate jobs that inspect potentially unsafe facilities.