05/10 Tuesday: Julie Fenster & biography of Thomas Jefferson, Talmage Boston, First Assistant Sec. of State Ardoin, Quin Hillyer, Tyler Bridges


Julie Fenster

Julie Fenster joins the show to talk about her book, Jefferson's America. This is a surprising story of how Thomas Jefferson commanded an unrivaled age of American exploration—and in presiding over that era of discovery, forged a great nation.

 Talmage Boston

In September 2016, the edited transcripts of Talmage’s onstage interviews with some of the country’s most prominent presidential historians and presidential insiders will be released as a book entitled Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers From the Experts About Our Presidents.  Talmage joins Jim on the show to talk about the characteristics of the two presidential candidates and how well they uphold some of the traits he sees fit for the leader of our country.

Kyle Ardoin

Ardoin joins Jim to talk about voter registration week. The first assistant Sec. of State gives statistics and information about voters in Louisiana.


Quin Hillyer

Columnist Quin Hillyer talks to Jim and callers about Donald Trump and Hillyer's opinions of Trump becoming the presumptive nominee.

Tyler Bridges

Tyler Bridges of The Advocate discusses a few bills with Jim including the proposed bill to authorize the installation of special cameras in law enforcement vehicles that would scan license plates of passing cars and match them to a state database to catch uninsured motorists.