02/05 Friday: Conservative Black Chick on Black History Month, Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Flashback Friday with Governor John McKeithen, Superbowl, and Mental Health


Crystal Wright 

Crystal Wright is author of the newly released book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division. As a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C, some would say she is a triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat dominated city. By day, Crystal is a communications consultant and editor and publisher of the blog Conservative Black Chick. 

Ted James

Ted James is the Louisiana State Representative for District 101.  He discusses Hillary Clinton's campaign and promotes her message.  "The Republicans are in a worse situation than they were four and eight years ago," James says. 

Flashback Friday

John Julian McKeithen (May 28, 1918 – June 4, 1999) was the 49th Governor of Louisiana, serving from 1964 to 1972. A Democrat from the town of Columbia, he was the first governor of his state in the twentieth century to serve two consecutive terms. He strongly advocated the construction of the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.Former Louisiana Governor John McKeithen remarks on the LSU budget in 1988 with board member Beychok.  They also discuss Pete Maravich.  

Alan Risher

Alan David Risher is a former LSU quarterback.  He also played for the Greenbay Packers.  Risher discusses the Superbowl. 


Fred Hickman

Fred Hickman is an American sports broadcaster who has had stints with CNN, TBS, YES Network, and ESPN.  He discusses his career as a newscaster.