02/04 Thursday: Gary Hart, Congressman Charles Boustany, and GOP Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere


Gary Hart

Gary Hart is an American diplomat, politician, lawyer, author, professor and commentator. He served as a U.S. Senator in Colorado from 1975 to 1987, and sought the Democratic nomination for President in 1984 and 1988.  He shares his new book, The Republic of Conscience

Caroline Webb

Caroline is CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that shows people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Her book on that topic, How To Have A Good Day, is being published in 14 languages and more than 60 countries in 2016. She is also a Senior Adviser to McKinsey, where she was previously a Partner.  

Charles Boustany

Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr., M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon with more than 30 years of clinical experience, was first elected to Congress in 2004.  Boustany represents Louisiana’s Third Congressional District, covering South Louisiana.  Boustany has championed health care reform, international trade, tax reform, and sound energy policy focused on building a comprehensive vision providing solutions for all Americans.


Roger Villere

Roger F. Villere, Jr. was elected Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party in the spring of 2004 and re-elected in 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2012.  During his time as Chairman, the Republican Party of Louisiana has made historic gains – increasing the number of elected Republicans in the State Legislature and U.S. Congress as well as in Louisiana’s Statewide offices & the State Supreme Court, BESE Board & Public Service Commission.  During his tenure, Villere has communicated a message of competent conservative change and reform and Republicans have achieved success across Louisiana’s diverse political landscape.