02/18 Thursday: Ben Strauss: Indentured, former LSU basketball player, Rudy Macklin, Professor Kevin Cope, former Senator Mary Landrieu


Ben Strauss : Indentured

Ben Strauss describes the different cases of athletes who run into problems with NCAA, the amount of money the collegiate industry is worth, and the players who see none of the profits.  While talking with Jim he mentions a few names from the book including former LSU basketball coach, Dale Brown.

Rudy Macklin

On the eve of his 58th birthday, Rudy Macklin mentions Ben Simmons and LSU basketball.  He and Jim discuss health and fitness while promoting the Louisiana Department of Health and the Governor’s Council's Own Your Own Health Challenge.


Kevin Cope

Professor Kevin Cope gives his opinion on budget cuts in higher education. Cope explains that the absence of LSU football seems like a far fetched idea, though still very possible. Cope also discusses the quality of the buildings around LSU's campus. He also gives a viewpoint of the professor while addressing former guest Troy Hebert's suggestions about college professors punching time clocks. 

Mary Landrieu

Former senator Mary Landrieu declares that she will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Landrieu expresses her excitement for a woman to be in office and states that she is "absolutely not," running for Senate.