02/17 Wednesday: The Advocate's Mark Ballard, Republican State Rep. Chris Broadwater, former Senator Troy Hebert & Assistant Editor, James Moran of Tiger Rag


The Advocate's Mark Ballard

Advocate political columnist Mark Ballard explains some of the reasoning behind Gov. John Bel Edward's statements dealing with taxes and budget cuts.  Ballard mentions that he would definitely foresee a future tax on alcohol in Louisiana.  

Republican State Representative Chris Broadwater

Republican State Representative Chris Broadwater of Hammond serves on the House Ways and Means Committee. He  talks about the limited amount of time lawmakers have to figure out ways to balance the state's massive budget deficit. He doesn't eliminate the possibility of raising taxes as solutions. Broadwater also expresses the amount of concern Louisianans should have for higher education and the future of the state.


Former Senator Troy Hebert

Former lawmaker and ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert provides a list of ideas that he feels will decrease some of the excess spending in the state.  Using time clocks for state workers and possibly college professors as well as placing GPS devices in state vehicles are just a few of the ideas that he proposes.

Assistant Tiger Rag Editor James Moran


Assistant Tiger Rag Editor James Moran discusses the debut Tiger Rag Extra publication, "Stars Align." He tells the story of LSU's top athletes in the school's biggest sports: Leonard Fournette in football, Ben Simmons in basketball and Alex Lange in baseball.  Moran explains how the recruiting of these athletes has increased attention on the university's athletic program.  He says he wants the publication to not just focus on the athletic program, but how it ties in with the city of Baton Rouge.