02/01 Monday: The Episodic Career, Louisiana Legislature, Budget, Iowa Caucus, and 2016 Presidential Election


Farai Chideya

Farai Chideya is a reporter, political and cultural analyst, and educator. Over the years she has worked in print, television, radio, and digital media; covered every Presidential election since 1996; and traveled to 26 countries and 48 states to report, learn, and explore.  She shares her new book The Episodic Career.  She also shares her article from The New York TimesViewing Los Angeles Through a Creole Lens

"I don't think things are the worst ever, and I don't think things will never change," Chideya says on jobs and the economy, "It's only when things are beyond our control that we adapt." 

Mark Ballard 

Mark Ballard is the editor of The Advocate's Capitol News Bureau.  He discusses the Louisiana legislative session and the chaos surrounding the budget crisis.  "I think David Vitter could have been the only one to raise revenues," Ballard comments. 


Raymond Strother

Raymond Strother is a nationally known Democratic political consultant.  He comments on the media storm surrounding businessman Donald Trump on his quest for the presidency.  He also speculates how tonight's Iowa Caucus will end.  "If you don't win or come in first..." Strother says on the Iowa Caucuses, "the problem is perception." Strother also asserts many "unknowns" and says he doesn't think the race will be decided for anyone anytime soon.