01/29 Friday: GOP Presidential Debate, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, BP, Flashback Friday with Governor Roemer, and the Louisiana Budget


E. Faye Williams 

Dr. E. Faye Williams is the National President of the National Congress of Black Women.  She is a member of the Presidential Scholars Commission.  She gives her opinion on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and BP oil.  

Rudy Macklin

Rudy Macklin is a former LSU Basketball player.  He is also Director of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  He shares about the fitness program. 

Flashback Friday

On this week's Flashback Friday, former Louisiana Governor and Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer comments on the Louisiana budget when he took office in 1988.  Journalist and author Leo Honeycutt comments on Roemer's history. 


Scott Wilfong

Scott Wilfong is a conservative Republican political consultant.  He comments on last night's GOP Debate and Trump's absence from the stage.  He also discusses the Louisiana budget with Nelson and Sherman.

Dayne Sherman

Dayne Sherman is a journalist, author, and librarian.  He shares his opinion on the Louisiana budget crisis with Wilfong and Nelson.

Susan Nelson

Susan Nelson is an Adjunct Professor at Southern University Law Center for Common Law Property.  She is the Owner of PFD Consulting.  She is also the former communications Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  She discusses the 2016 Presidential election and debates with Wilfong and Sherman.