11/07 Monday: Eve of Elections; Caroline Fayard, John Fleming, Foster Campbell, Renee Chatelain, Bernie Pinsonat, Darrell Glasper


Caroline Fayard

Senate candidate Fayard joins the show at the beginning of the show to talk about her campaign.  She addresses misrepresentations by Foster Campbell and distinguishes herself from the other candidates.

John Fleming

Senate candidate joins the show to talk about his campaign and how Donald Trump would prove to be a much better President in terms of the Justice system.

Foster Campbell

Commissioner Foster Campbell talks about the allegations from Caroline Fayard's campaign in the Senate race.  Campbell talks about the presidential race and his position in the Senate race.

Renee Chatelain

CEO of the Baton Rouge Art Council Renee Chatelain chats with Jim about the Manship Theatre's decision to promote Louisiana's recent ties with Cuba. Manuel Valera and New Cuban Express will perform November 10 at 7:30 pm


Bernie Pinsonat

Pollster from Southern Media and Opinion Research, Bernie joins the show to predict outcomes of the senate and Presidential election. 

Darrell Glasper

Darrell Glasper is a Republican and joins the show alongside Bernie to talk about his views on the Presidential election and its outcomes.