11/04 Friday: Cliff Vannoy & Jerry Dumas, Greg Lafleur, Darryl Gissel, George Sells, Mary Stein


Cliff Vannoy


President of LSU Alumni Association Cliff Vannoy joins the show with former football player Jerry Dumas to talk about the donations from alums and how much the contributions matter to the university and its students.

Jerry Dumas

Former LSU Football player, Dumas talks about LSU and Alabama football with Cliff Vannoy and reminisces on when he played for LSU.

Greg Lafleur

Greg Lafleur is running for Mayor-President. Lafleur was also a football player for LSU. He joins the show to talk about football at LSU and the issues that he feels Baton Rouge should focus on the most.


Darryl Gissel


 Gissel is running for Mayor of Baton Rouge. He joins the show to explain that running as an independent will help people of the community to move past party affiliations.

George Sells


Former WAFB anchorman George Sells joins the show to vent about numerous topics with Jim.  Sells talks football, community and politics.

Mary Stein

Mary Stein from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library promotes author Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, who will be speaking at the library Saturday at 9 a.m.