11/2 Wednesday: Live from LSU Sports Summit @ Manship School Mark Emmert, NYT Joe Nocera, Ben Strauss, Tim Brando, Sec. of State Tom Schedler


Mark Emmert

The head of the National College Athletic Association joins Jim at the Manship School of Mass Communication on LSU's campus for the LSU Sports Summit.  Emmert talks about the rules of the NCAA dealing with paying college athletes and how the association determines punishment or infractions.

Joe Nocera

American journalist and author and New York Times Op-Ed columnist discusses the topic of whether college athletes should be paid or not.


Ben Strauss

Co-author of of Indentured, about the NCAA with Joe Nocera, Strauss joins Jim over the phone at the Manship School at LSU to discuss wealth in college sports. 

Tim Brando

Tim Brando was also a part of the Sports Communication Summit at LSU.  Brando is a sportscaster with FOX Sports.  He talks with Jim about his opinions on college athletics and revenue in the NCAA. 

Tom Schedler

The Louisiana Secretary of State joins Jim over the phone and talks about the upcoming Presidential election and the turnouts for early voting in the state of Louisiana.