10/04 Tuesday: Deni Ellis Béchard, Gus Weill, Troy Hebert, Tony Guarisco

Hour One

Deni Ellis Béchard

The Canadian-American author joins the show to discuss his new fiction novel, "Into the Sun" set in Afghanistan. Béchard has written many other and his written for publications such as The LA Times, The Harvard Review, The National Post and more.

Gus Weill


Gus Weill returns to the show to discuss the 2016 presidential race and his take LSU Football's Coach O. Weill is a political consultant and a former public relations specialist. He graduated from Louisiana State University and established the first PR/advertising firm in Baton Rouge in 1958.

Hour 2

Troy Hebert and Tony Guarisco



The two former State Senators join the show to talk about the VP debate airing October 4. Hebert is the former Commissioner of the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and was elected for three terms as Democrat to the Louisiana House of Representatives. Guarisco served as a Democratic State Senator from 1976-1988.