10/03 Monday: Stanley Nelson & Greg Iles, Greg LaFleur, Marijuana Manifesto


Stanley Nelson & Greg Iles

Reporter Stanley Nelson has documented cold case files in Louisiana and Mississippi in The Civil Rights Cold Case Project.  Novelist Greg Iles has spent many hours researching his novels that deal with race, family and evil men.  Iles uses the information and history that Nelson reports on for his novels like Mississippi Blood, that look into the unsolved Civil Rights-era cold case murders of numerous black men.

Greg Lafleur

Greg Lafleur is a former American football tight end in the National Football League who previously played for LSU.  Lafleur was also the athletic director for Southern University.   Lafleur talks about Coach Ogeron and Steve Ensminger.  He is a candidate in the Mayoral race, and describes the qualities that make him fit for the job.


Jesse Ventura

Former governor of Minnesota, Navy SEAL and Professional Wrestler Jesse Ventura joins the show to talk about his recent book, Marijuana Manifesto. Ventura lays out his philosophy on marijuana, and why he’s always been in favor of legalization. He also discusses the presidential election and Marijuana's role in the race.