10/27 Thursday: Martin Hawkins, Mark Ballard, Dima Ghawi, Denny McLain, Scott Wilfong, Dayne Sherman

Hour One

Martin Hawkins

British author Martin Hawkins joined the show to talk about his book on Blue's singer Slim Harpo and talk his love for American Blue's music. 

Mark Ballard

The Jim Engster Show veteran returned to talk about the local race to Senate and the presidential race. Ballard has been in charge of The Advocate's Capitol news bureau since '07. The Capitol news bureau covers state government in the country. 

Dima Ghawi 


Dima Ghawi is a keynote and motivational speaker who speaks on female empowerment and looks to help women achieve success in leadership positions. She has worked all around the world for Fortune 100 companies including IBM. Dima is from Jordan and came to the United States in 1996; she became the first woman in her family to graduate from college. 

Hour Two

Denny McLain

McLain is a former professional baseball player and pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. He helped lead the Tigers to their 1968 World Series win over the St. Louis Cardinals. He joined the show to give a brief take on the 2016 World Series. 

Scott Wilfong and Dayne Sherman 

Republican political consultant Scot Wilfong and Southeastern professor, Dayne Sherman joined the show to discuss the 2016 race to the presidency. Sherman is a Hillary supporter and Wilfong for Trump.