10/26 Wednesday: Darrell Glasper on Donald Trump, All American Boys, Brian Kilmeade, Donald Crawford


Darryl Glasper

Former Baton Rouge Metro councilman Darrell Glasper talks to Jim about supporting Donald Trump.  Glasper has been supporting Donald Trump since the beginning of elections and presents why Donald Trump should and will gain more of the African American vote than expected.

Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely

Two friends and writers come together to open up the conversation about race in All American Boys.  At the height of police brutality and hate crimes, the duo creates a conversation about social justice and diversity for young and older to educate themselves.


Brian Kilmeade


Brian Kilmeade , cohost of “Fox & Friends” on Fox News, joins the show to discuss his historical narrative, co-written with Don Yaeger. "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates" sheds new light on an important episode that has been forgotten by most Americans.

Jim Wharton


Former LSU Chancellor James "Jim" Wharton joins Jim during the second hour to elaborate on the Louisiana state constitutional amendments on the Nov. 8th ballot. Wharton dissects some of the amendments that will have an impact on households--including a change in how public college tuition rates get set.


Donald Crawford


Don "crawdaddy" Crawford joins the show to discuss his campaign for U.S. Senate.