10/12 Wednesday: Born on Third Base, Tom Schedler, Author-Illustrator Program @ EBRPL, Stephanie Grace, Rob Maness


Chuck Collins

Born into the one percent, Collins gave away his inheritance at 26 years old and Collins calls for a ceasefire and invites the wealthy to come back home, investing themselves and their wealth in struggling communities.  And he asks the non-wealthy to build alliances with the one percent and others at the top of the wealth ladder.

Tom Schedler

LA Secretary of State joins the show to talk about the Senate race voting and voter registration.  For actually going out and voting, residents will receive a George Rodrigue Blue Dog sticker that says, "I Voted."

Mary Stein

Mary Stein, the Assistant Library Director of East Baton Rouge Parish Library promotes upcoming events at the Main Library on Goodwood. The Author-Illustrator program features Gene Yang October 13 & 14, a free screening of the movie Brave outside the library October 14 at 7p.m. and Dear Friend on October 15 are all events this weekend for anyone to attended.  ebrpl.com


Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace of The Advocate talks about Jefferson Parish President, Mike Yenni.  An attorney in Metairie has filed a petition to recall the President. This comes after Yenni admitted to sending improper text messages to a 17-year-old boy. Grace talks about the incident and the effect it will have on his career as well as personal life.

Rob Maness

Senate candidates' legal attempt to force LPB and the Council for a Better Louisiana to include more candidates in next week’s Senate debate gets a hearing today in a Baton Rouge courtroom.  Col. Rob Maness is one of the Senate candidates who were not invited to the debate because he did not meet qualifications.