10/11 Tuesday: Kevin Smokler, Dr. Katara Williams, Mike Edmondson, David Duke

Hour One

Kevin Smokler

Author Kevin Smokler called in to talk about his book"Brat Pack America." The book describes 80s teen movies and the importance of the setting and location in these movies. Smokler has a written other works and his writings have appeared on the likes of the LA Times, Buzzfeed, Vulture and more. 

Dr. Katara Williams and Mike Edmondson 

The executive director of Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and the superintendent of Louisiana State Police stopped by to talk the safety of Louisiana drivers and give some insight on Alton Sterling. Colonel Edmondson has held his position of superintendent since 2008. Dr. Katara was recently named head of Louisiana Highway Safety under Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Hour Two

David Duke

David Duke stopped by talk about his race for the Senate, why he backs Donald Trump in the presidential election and his take on other controversial topics.