Monday: We All Looked Up, BP Agreement, Greece Financial Crisis, and the Gubernatorial Election


Tommy Wallach 

Tommy Wallach is a writer and musician from Brooklyn.  He shares his debut novel, We All Looked Up.  Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut, Wallach writes the story of four teenagers and their feelings and experiences as an astroid comes to destroy the world.  

Ameen Walker

Ameen Walker is the President of First Financial of Baton Rouge.  He comments on the BP Oil Agreement.  

Fred Dent III

Andy Anderson

Fred Dent III is the Principal of Dent Asset Management/Raymond James Financial Services Inc.  He discusses the financial crisis of Greece with B.F. Andy Anderson.  Andy Anderson is a registered investment advisor at B.F. Anderson and Company.  Dent says that the worry is that the crisis in Greece will spill into Portugal and/or Spain, though he doesn't think this worry has ground.  


foster campbell

Foster Campbell is the Louisiana Public Service Commissioner.  He discusses the BP Oil Agreement as well as the chances of the Democratic party in the fall Gubernatorial election.  Campbell believes it will be John Bel Edwards and David Vitter in the run off.  He also expresses his distaste for Bobby Jindal and his lack of confidence that the Governor will succeed in his quest for the Oval Office.