Friday: Parenting Advice, Women Soliders, Wrestling, and the Republican Takeover



Helen Thorpe is an author and freelance journalist.  She shares her book Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War.  Thorpe shares her research strategy behind choosing the particular three women and how their stories resonated with her.  


The Gubernatorial Candidates give their stance on the Confederate Flag.  

David Vitter: As far as I know, the Confederate Battle Flag doesn't fly in Louisiana State offices, and it shouldn't. 

Jay Dardenne: Though it is correct that the Confederate Battle Flag should not fly over state buildings, but we should not try to rewrite history. 

Scott Angelle: Certainly, the Confederate Battle Flag should not fly over state buildings.  

John Bel Edwards: I think we owe it to the people of Louisiana to discuss whether we ought to issue license plates with the Confederate Battle Flag on them. 

Armin Brott

Armin Brott is a blogger, author and columnist.  He joins Jim to discuss one of his parenting books, The Expectant Father. 


Roxy astor

Roxy Astor is a former professional women's wrestler.  They discuss GLOW "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling."  She shares her experiences as a professional wrestler and her recent television show in Vegas that lasted four seasons.  

Tony guarisco and BEN BAGeRT

 Tony Guarisco

 Tony Guarisco

source  Ben Baggart

source Ben Baggart

Former State lawmakers Tony Guarisco and Ben Bagert debate why the Republican party has taken over the Louisiana statewide election.  They also comment on the Gubernatorial candidates and give their opinions on the potential outcomes of the election.