7/20 Monday: Bobby Jindal in Iowa, How Sleeping Habits and Meal Times Affect Your Health, Prison Sentencing Guidelines, and Specialty Beers


Kay Henderson 

Kay Henderson is the News Director of Radio Iowa.  She gives an update on how Governor Jindal is doing in Iowa on his quest for the Republican Presidential nomination.  @okakyhenderson

Courtney Peterson

Dr. Courtney Peterson is the Assistant Professor of Research at Pennington Biomedical Center.  She shares a recent study about meal timing and resistant starches and their combating diseases like diabetes and obesity and how these therapies may help improve blood sugar control, weight loss, and metabolism.  


Kevin Tamez

Kevin Tamez is the Managing Partner for the MPM Group which is a consulting firm for corrections work.  Tamez is also a former DEA agent.  In light of President Obama's federal prison visit last week, he discusses sentencing guidelines and what's really fair for those defendants with drug charges.  

Jacob Talley

Jacob Talley is a Craft Beer Specialist for Mockler Beverage.  He shares his reccomendations on beer/food pairings.  @MocklerBeverage @LSUbrew