7/17 Friday: Baton Rouge Light Rail, 46th Anniversary of Moon Mission, Today's Pluto Mission, and Saving the Delta Music Museum


John Spain

John Spain is the Executive vice president of BRAF (Baton Rouge Area Foundation). Spain sheds some insight on what exactly is going on with the light rail between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  

Arlo U. Landolt, PhD

Dr. Arlo Landolt is the LSU Ball Family Professor Emeritus in Astronomy.  As we celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Moon Landing, Dr. Landolt will compare the achievement then and the growth of technology since, showcased in today's Pluto mission.  


Mickey Gilley 

Mickey Gilley is an American country folk singer.  He is doing a concert to save Delta Music Museum on Saturday, August 1, Vidalia, LA.

Jeff Palermo

Jeff Palermo is the News Director at the Louisiana Radio Network.  He announces that former LSU football coach Bill Arnsparger has died at age 88.  

Bradley E. Schaefer, PhD

Dr. Schaefer is a professor of physics and astronomy at LSU.  Today is the 46th anniversary of the Moon Landing.  Neil Armstrong first said in 1969, "It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Guest Host Leo Honeycutt remembers the momentous occasion and shares Walter Cronkite's reactions.  Dr. Schaefer also shares his expertise.