FRIDAY: Visit Baton Rouge, The Tom Brady Deflated Football Scandal, NAACP, and Crowd Management at Jazz Fest


Paul Arrigo, President and CEO of Visit Baton Rouge, joins the show today to discuss the Miss USA pageant and Bayou Country Superfest.  He has been in Baton Rouge for 18 years.  He was a native to New Orleans.  

The telecast for Miss USA reaches 70 countries.  It will be held at the River Center July 12th.  

"New Orleans has a love affair with itself... it's a world class city..."

"Baton Rouge has great pride in itself," he says.  

They also comment on the Louisiana International Film Festival.  

"In 2014, we had about 4 million visitors to Baton Rouge."

"Travel is ____ Tweet for Tourism" to win Taylor Swift tickets to one of her concerts on her 1989 World Tour.  

  "This state has become Hollywood South as a result of the film credits.  You would have to assume that if that goes away, so would the business." 

Former LSU quarterback Alan Risher comments on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots deflated football scandal.  

"He's probably mentally in a tough spot... worried about his reputation for sure." 

"I'm sure he'll get a 2-4 game suspension at the start of this season." 

"Maybe I should have deflated a few balls back in my day," Risher says.  

"For the most part Americans are forgiving people if you come out with the truth." 

He also comments on La'el Collins.  


Musheer Robinson from the NAACP joins the show to discuss the riots in Baltimore.  Robinson is a graduate of Brown University and a Rhodes Scholar.    

He also comments on Ferguson and South Carolina.  He suggests that now racial upset it coming into mind for everyone.  "How are we going to reevaluate our relations to make that convivial society?" 

"The economic division is absolutely gigantic," he says of race relations in Louisiana.  

Robinson laments that Governor Jindal had not done more for racial relations with his heritage.  

"We need elected officials to start thinking strategically about how to build communities... and create opportunities for everybody." 

"There's a vibrancy in the culture and the music," Robinson says, "but in human actualization, there's so much segregation." 

"He has had more threats on his life than all of the other presidents in the past century combined," Robinson says of President Obama.   

Security Expert Paul Wertheimer, founder of Crowd Management Strategies in Los Angeles comments on Jazz Fest 2015.  

This year's Jazz Fest held the largest amount of people ever at 460,000 people.  

He has spent a large part of his life studying disasters.  "Communities don't recover from it.  Families don't recover." 

"It <Jazz Fest> should make as much money as it can without compromising public safety." 

Wertheimer says that those in charge of Jazz Fest are "taking a gamble with people's lives."