MONDAY: Tobacco Tax, Author Steve Fiffer, and the Public Affairs Research Council


State Government Relations Director at the American Heart Association Stasha Rhodes join the show to discuss the tobacco tax.  "I think that if we're going to increase our tobacco tax we need to make sure it has a public health impact for the positive."  Louisiana has had the third lowest cigarette tax since 2002.  3 out of 10 people in Louisiana smokes.  Rhodes cites the website as the authority on how much money raising the tobacco tax would bring to the state in terms of raising revenue and lowering healthcare costs.  

223 million would be made in the first year if the tobacco tax was raised back to the $1.18 tax.  

30 states have the tobacco tax at a dollar or higher. 

15 states have the tobacco tax at two dollars or higher. 

When a tobacco tax is increased a dollar, 43,000 smokers in Louisiana would quit.  

Author Steve Fiffer shares his book.  He shares the experiences that lead to the violence of Bloody Sunday and racial tensions in the 1960s during the fight for racial equality.  Fiffer also asserts that these marches pushed for the voting rights legislation to be passed.  

The Patriots have been fined 1 million dollars and a first round pick.  Tom Brady will be suspended for the first four games.  


President of the Public Affairs Research Council Robert Travis Scott comments on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots punishments for deflategate as well as state legislative issues.  

They discuss why the tobacco tax did not go higher.  "I think part of what they want to do is stay on level with neighboring states." 

Scott comments on Governor Jindal's new book coming out in October.  

Assistant News Director at Louisiana Radio Network Michelle Southern discuss the punishment for Quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  

"I do think it's a sad day because Tom Brady is one of the most likable players in the NFL." 

"He ALLEGEDLY cheated," Michelle says, "I think four games is just way overboard." 

Southern thinks that Brady will appeal his suspension.  "I think they're just picking on him." 

"You don't boo your team," Southern says, "You never ever ever boo."