THURSDAY: Tim Parrish, Mike Wolf, Jason Decuir


Author Tim Parrish shares his book.  It is about Baton Rouge racism in the 50s and the 60s and Parrish's experience growing up in a staunch right wing Southern Baptist household.  "Hearing about the love of Christ and forgiveness and coming home and hearing something very different about African Americans... it was confusing."

"I come back about every six months and it seems Baton Rouge is different every time," Parrish says.  He describes the differences between his childhood Baton Rouge and how it is now.  

"The North has all of the same issues as the South," Parrish says in terms of current segregation.  "I think it's important for all of us to look inward," he continues, speaking of coming to terms with our own racism.

Attorney Mike Wolf will review the controversy over Hillary Clinton's emails when she was Secretary of State.  

"Those who like her very much won't be deterred by this," Wolf says of Hillary Clinton.  Wolf asserts that email should be private even for public officials.  "Public officials should be able to get confidential advice."  

The Clintons will soon celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  

They discuss the release of the police report from the Ferguson shooting last year, which ruled the police officer not guilty of racial charges.  



Former Executive Counsel for the State Department of Revenue Jason Decuir remarks on Governor Jindal's budget proposal and the tax credits.

Decuir also comments on how the tax credits will or should affect the film industry in Louisiana.  Particularly, he discusses Duck Dynasty.  "At what point have you built a sustainable industry in Louisiana that people won't pack their bags when you begin to cut programs," Decuir says.

"It's difficult to introduce tax reform when you're in the midst of trying to plug the budget." 

Decuir asserts that he will not be running for Mayor next year.