WEDNESDAY: Jerome Dee Richard, Barry Weinstein, Joan Borysenko


State Representative Jerome Dee Richard is working to strip the governor's line out of veto.  "Other states do it," Richard says, "call for automatic veto session.  It would mainly be for bills that pass with 2/3 vote."  

He comments on the budget proposal by Governor Jindal.  He asserts, "We have a spending issue not a revenue issue."  

Richard is an independent from Thibodaux, Louisiana.  They discuss a bill the representative introduced last year to allow voters to be identified as independent.  

He continues commenting on the effects of the budget cuts on higher education.  

"That's something I can't be supportive of," Richard says of the inventory tax.  


Rabbi Barry Weinstein joins the show to comment on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent speech on Iran.  "I think our good President Obama is doing his best to minimize what could have been one of the most important statements about Iran."  Jim comments, "I think he <Prime Minister Netanyahu> speaks better English than most members of Congress." 

They discuss Nancy Pelosi's reaction to the speech.  

"They do not particularly like each other, but I think Netanyahu gives important respect to the President," Weinstein comments.  72% of the people in Israel believe President Obama will not limit nuclear arms in Iran.  "There is an existential threat to the viability of Israel should Iran become nuclear," Weinstein affirms.  Israel would fit four times in the state of Louisiana.

"Israel is, in many respects, a theocracy," Rabbi Weinstein says in response to the question of separation of church and state in Israel.  "One has to hope that there will eventually be peace in all the countries in the Middle East," Weinstein comments, citing that Israel's anthem means 'hope'.  

Weinstein says that he thinks Prime Minister Netanyahu has a "pretty good shot" at reelection.  "I think winning or losing, his speech in Congress will be faulted or credited.. but no doubt it will go down in history as one of the major moments in Israel."  

A caller questions the motives of Netanyahu's visit to the United States.  "My belief is, bottom line, he did it as a sincere man to stand up for Israel." 

Dr. Joan Borysenko discusses the mind and body spiritual connection.  99% of human DNA is microbial DNA.  She promotes her upcoming event Scholar in Residence: Spiritual Awakening Seminar.