FRIDAY: Healthy Eating, Leo Honeycutt, LSU Hall of Distinction Inductee, and Legalizing Marijuana


Author Thomas Campbell shares his book The Campbell Plan.  "Being on a diet predicts weight gain in the future," Campbell says.  "The more animal foods that are in a diet, the more heart disease there is."  Campbell calls for minimal to no red meat in losing weight and living healthy.  He says that a little bit of alcohol is okay because it is plant based.  

Leo Honeycutt wins the bronze medal for Business Ethics.  He comments on the Gridiron Show.  "If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the dead body of your enemy come floating by."  

SEC Associate Commissioner Herb Vincent will join us to celebrate his induction into the LSU Hall of Distinction.  The 2015 LSU Alumni Association Hall of Distinction takes place tonight and among this year's inductees are track Olympian Lolo Jones and SEC Associate Commissioner of Communications Herb Vincent.  

The Alumni Association says Hall of Distinction inductees are those who have distinguished themselves through their careers, their personal civic accomplishments and their loyalty to their alma mater. 

Vincent has worked as LSU's Sports Information Director and former Associate Athletic Director. He's worked under Tiger football coaches including Mike Archer, Curley Hallman, Gerry DiNardo, Nick Saban and Les Miles.

Vincent doesn't have anything bad to say about Saban as it was always important to the now Alabama coach to keep LSU traditions alive.

"Changing the helmet or changing the uniform, he stuck by all that," said Vincent. "I thought of that when I saw CBS named LSU's helmet the best in college football. I think it really is and I remember having that conversation with Saban."


Representative Dalton Honore wants voters to decide if marijuana should be legalized.  "I arrested several people in my career... a person could wind up in prison for two marijuana cigarettes in the 60s."  Honore says, "I've never tried marijuana.  I've never been in the company of a person smoking marijuana."  Louisiana's jails have 1300 people serving time for marijuana possession.  Honore says, "It's easier for kids to get marijuana off the streets than a case of beer." 

He says he would be open minded in voting for a Republican.  He went to Southern University.  

"I feel personally the budget has been cut too much for higher ed," Honore says, "Hopefully we can find some funding."  He says he is in favor of increasing the cigarette tax.  "I'm not going to vote for you just because you're a democrat."  

Sergeant Darryl Honore joins the show to promote an AIDS Awareness Basketball Game.  He says there have been 13 cases in Baton Rouge this past year in which AIDS was spread intentionally.  "In my opinion, we have far too many older persons preying upon younger persons."  Tomorrow, the Basketball Game will be from 5-8 pm at Seymour Gym on Southern's Campus.