THURSDAY: Our Founding Fathers, Former Congressman Bob Livingston, and Governor Jindal and the Upcoming Elections


Author Thomas Fleming shares his book The Great Divide.  Fleming asserts that his book is relevant because Thomas Jefferson and George Washington disagreed heavily over the power of the president; something that is still disagreed upon today.  Fleming says that John Madison envisioned a very commercial United States.  "Jefferson did not think blacks were ready for freedom," Fleming tells a listener, "I call Washington the forgotten Emancipator."  

Editor Stephanie Riegel joins us from The Baton Rouge Business Report.  She comments on her career and her experience moving from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.  "New Orleans is much more cosmopolitan; it is a world class city.  Baton Rouge is a very middle-Americanized city."  

She also comments on LSU's president and his relationship with Governor Jindal.  "There are certainly valid arguments for making tweaks to the program," Riegel says of Common Core.  

Riegel gives her opinion on the upcoming governor's election.

 "The Westdale Junior High Class of 1969 held a lot of the key business players in Baton Rouge." 

"I think the one thing that will hurt Vitter is that he is already acting a lot like Jindal," Stephanie says.   


Former Congressman Bob Livingston discusses the upcoming Governor's election.  Livingston also gives his opinion on the Republican Nominee and the vast array of candidates.  "I wouldn't discount any candidate right now," he says.  He is the head of Governor Jindal's Super PAC.  "I didn't leave the Democrat party, the Democrat Party left me."  

Political Consultant Gus Weill spent four years as a counter intelligence agent in Germany.  He comments on ISIS.  "ISIS is winning the war they want to win... the propaganda war."  He continues, praising America's advertising agencies and companies, "I think that we ought to tell our side of the story, what's good about America, hit them <ISIS> right smack in the head... Of all the wars that we could lose, we lose the propaganda war."  

Weill discusses the German Wings Crash.  "It could be an act of terrorism." 

He also comments on the SAE fraternity scandal and the public's tolerance for forgiveness, using former President Bill Clinton as example.