TUESDAY: Louisiana Cooking, The Gridiron Show, and Governor Jindal


Author Maggie Richardson joins us to share her book Hungry for Louisiana.  "A year long celebration of food with a specific to each season really makes us unique," Richardson says.  The book has eighteen recipes through a food narrative with light history.  Louisiana has 400 festivals, most are food centric.  Maggie Richardson writes for the Baton Rouge Business Report.  

Director Ronnie Stutes comments on The Gridiron Show.  "We are the longest continually running show."  It has been on 64 years.  Tickets are at gridironshowbr@yahoo.com for $25.  "Drew Brees will be played by Smiley Anders."  Jim comments that Jeremy White looks "a lot like the portrait of Governor Jindal."   "We want to make sure we are taking valid portrayals," Stutes says.  

Red Shtick Publisher Jeremy White also joins us in studio to comment on The Gridiron Show in which he plays Governor Bobby Jindal.  "We've got to have the only governor in America to deliver a baby and perform an exorcism," Jim comments.  White asks, "Is there a Republican running for president using their real first name?"  The prayer rally will be covered in The Gridiron Show. 


Associate Professor Jeff Sadow and Political Consultant Tom Aswell discuss the era of Governor Jindal.  Sadow definitely thinks Governor Jindal is running for president, "All signs pointing in that direction right now."  Sadow says, "I would say up for the first six and a half years... he's transformed the state more than any other governor."  He compares them to Huey Long and Edwin Edwards.  

"He's put this state decades behind the rest of the country," Aswell says, "There's nothing good about Louisiana... and this guy is at the helm of the ship."  He comments, "We cannot allow Grover Norquist to have say in our state." 

Louisiana has the third lowest cigarette tax in the United States.  

They discuss the budget crisis and the upcoming legislative session.  

"It sounds a little crass, but smoking saves in healthcare costs," Sadow says.  Aswell comments, "We can't have people living longer, now can we?" 

"The sales tax is a very regressive tax.  It works against the poor," Aswell says.  

A listener refers to Charles Blow's recent column.  

"I think a lot of the controversy surrounding Common Core is overblown," Dr. Sadow says.

"He has a very thin skin," Aswell says of David Vitter regarding the alleged assault against Mercedes Hernandez.