MONDAY: Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and Author Raymond Strother


Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser discusses his campaign for Lieutenant Governor.  "I feel I could work with any of the people running <for governor>." Nungesser says.  
He has lost 100 pounds from a sleeve surgery.  "If you stand up for the right thing, you can make a lot of changes."  

Jim asks for the importance of the position of Lieutenant Governor since many have suggested doing away with the office.  Nungesser asserts its importance.  He says, "We need to utilize all of our rivers and waterways... it <the Lieutenant Governor position> is what you make it."  

Nungesser suggests that the Republican Party is here to stay.  "I think it's a trend that has taken off here in Louisiana." 

"I think what sets me apart from my opponents is my passion... people who do everything physically possible to make this state a better place." 

He comments on his position on the proposed inventory tax.  Nungesser says that the way to solve the budget is to cut "wasteful spending," and he says that "everything must be on the table." 

He is good friends with Kevin Costner.  

Nungesser says, "Please honor our veterans and go out and vote." 

Son of the great boxing writer, Journalist Mark Kram, Jr. has been covering sports nationally for many years.  He remembers NFL legend Chuck Bednarik.   


Author and political consultant Raymond Strother comments on Governor Jindal's presidential quest.  He has written books about the genesis of the political consultant.  "We've been partially responsible for the increase in spending in campaigns," Strother says of political consultants.  

He spent a year in the Governor's mansion with Buddy Roemer.  Strother handled most of Bill Clinton's campaigns for governor in Arkansas.  

"I didn't graduate from Northwestern University, I was kicked out for political activity." 

They discuss the cover of The New York Times and Bobby Jindal's chances for the presidential nomination.  "I've never thought he was a viable candidate." 

Strother comments on The New York Times article.  

"I think you're in tough shape when you lose Fox News."

Strother remembers his time working with former president Bill Clinton and former vice president Al Gore.