WEDNESDAY: Joyce Burges, Justin Brasell, Jacques Doucet, Victor Sachse, and Gus Weill



Councilwoman Joyce Burges joins us in studio form Baker-District 3 to advocate for homeschooling.  All five of her children were home-schooled.  "It was one of the  best things we could have done," she says.  Four of her children went to college.  She is the founder of the National Black Home Educators.  Burges also comments on her views of creationism and evolution with a caller.  "Whether you're home school, public, or private school, parents need to get involved in education."

Pollster Justin Brasell polled the governor's election.  "Getting shot at is the best foreign policy education," Brasell says.  He says David Vitter has 43% definite voters.   It was also found that Bobby Jindal has a 63% disapproval rating according to Justin Brasell's recent poll.  The poll was 69% white and 27% African American.  "7.5 months is a lot of time.  I think we could definitely see some movement," Brasell says.  

Channel 9's Jacques Doucet comments on Jimmy Graham and the LSU Basketball team.  The Saints have made a trade that will be talked for years to come as they've sent tight end Jimmy Graham plus a fourth round pick to Seattle for Seahawks center Max Unger and a first round pick in this year's draft.  Graham caught 85 passes for 889 yards and 10 touchdowns last season.  



Centaur Records Victor Sachse discusses the recent lawsuit against Robin Thick and Pharrell Williams by Marvin Gaye's children.  Gaye's children were awarded $7.4 million by the jury.  "It really doesn't <set a precedent>  This is really well set in law," Sachse says.  

Here's the two songs.  Centaur Records celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.  

Michelle Southern also comments on the Blurred Lines Verdict.  Southern says, "I think it's a stretch personally, but I really like the song so I might be biased.... It just sends a message that this is a pay day.  I mean, can you do anything anymore?  What hasn't been done?" 

Political consultant Gus Weill discusses the budget, Governor Jindal, and the governor's race.  Weill says that the state is cutting the budget for those who most need it so they can "pull themselves back into the work force."  He also comments on Hillary Clinton's email address scandal.

Nancy Pelosi will be 75 on March 26.  

Weill calls Obama a "good Christian." 

Weill says of the SAE fraternity scandal at Oklahoma University, "I cannot imagine what they could have done worse for their university."  He continues, "I think man has a need to feel better than someone else, and when there's no obvious way of proving it... there's prejudice." 

He comments on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.  "He's a damn fool to interject himself into politics in America."