TUESDAY: Dave Holmes, John Bel Edwards, Michael Martin


Dave Holmes promotes the American Canvas premiere tomorrow night on Ovation tv which seeks out the hottest art and cultural events, from galleries to hangouts.  "I want them to get up off their couch and go to do something new."  Ovation network is the only network fully devoted to the arts.  Holmes shares an experience in street art paintings.  

Representative John Bel Edwards joins us in studio to comment on his strong second place finish in the recent poles.  He shares that it is encouraging to know that the race is shaping into a two man battle.  A new poll on Louisiana's governor's race shows Republican US Senator David Vitter leading with 35% followed by Democratic Amite Representative John Bel Edwards at 33%.

Edwards supports taking money already paid in taxes to expand medicaid to reimburse the hospitals in the state for taking care of the working poor.  

The representative also comments on the issues revolving the higher education budget cuts.  "We have to fund education first in our budget, not as an afterthought as Bobby Jindal has been doing."


Former LSU Chancellor Michael Martin on the sharing of state government funds from Louisiana universities.  He left LSU in May 2012.  

In the LSU Press release in 2012, Martin said: "We have been face with a lot of uncertainty lately, but know that despite all of the lingering economic concerns, LSU's place as the Flagship institution of Louisiana is more important than ever.  I'm hoping and trusting that wise and committed leaders across this state will find solutions to alleviate budget concerns and help LSU to be the kind of place that the state of Louisiana needs."  

"I can't think of a state that needs a good university more than Louisiana does," Martin says.  He contends that higher education is the root from which to grow the future economy.  He says that increasing fee bills drives a wedge from those lower income families to come to LSU.

Tuition and fees are 40% of the cost of attendance at LSU.  LSU's average 4 year graduation rate is less than 40%.  This is because if the rate was over 40%, the funding of the school by the students would suffer.  Martin concludes, "The aim is to get them in and keep them." 

Louisiana has the highest number of native residents than any other state in the union.  

Martin supports Common Core as part of a systematic approach.  

"I think TOPS needs to be rethought... sometimes it actually turns out to be detrimental." 

He also comments on the recent SAE fraternity scandal involving racist chants and how this impacts the depiction of Greek life across the board.