TUESDAY: Terry Layman, Jane Page, Rob Maness, Dale Brown, George Morris


Actor Terry Layman and Director Jane Page promote LSU's upcoming play, All My Sons by Arthur Miller which premieres Friday night.  Terry Laymon will be playing 'Joe Keller' in the play.  Layman shares his experience working with Scarlett Johanson.  

"It's a classic play... It's extremely funny and when it turns dark it takes your heart right along with it," Layman says.

Colonel Rob Maness who received 14% of the vote in the senate elections joins the show to discuss his conservative views.  He comments on the national budget and his ideas on how to improve the national security strategies.  

When asked if he would run for federal office, Maness says, "We'd like to keep our options open." 

Maness discusses his views on the national debt.  

"Giving out free community college when you have the opportunity to work for it?  I don't think so," says Maness.

A listener says the United States went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan "on a credit card."  Maness responds, "I call on Congress and our President to put our country into a declared state of war."  He continues, "As a country and as a people, we have to get right with our own citizens and our own law."

Maness comments on the Measles Outbreak and the question of vaccinations.  "We think the vaccination system worked very well in our family... We all have different opinions, and mine is that it works."  

"Choose the opportunity," Maness says, "Don't worry about getting free money."  


Former Louisiana Basketball Coach and two time NCAA Basketball Coach of the Year Dale Brown commemorates the 25th anniversary of the highest scoring game in United States college basketball at LSU vs. Loyola Marymount.  It was a non conference game: 148-141 overtime.  

"When I was on the court watching it," Brown says, "I thought I was watching a Chinese ping-pong match."  

On May 18, 1990, Ronald Reagan joked at the LSU commencement speech asking whether all the cameras were for him or Dale Brown.  

"The ball changed once every twelve seconds," Jim says of the LSU v. Loyola-Marymount basketball game in 1990.

"I told them, these guys could catch you faster than you could say shizam!" Dale Brown says, "And guess what?  They said shizam." 

Dale Brown comments on the basketball player Hank Gathers.  

When he retired, Brown asked his wife, "Where do you want to live?  Any place in the world? ...and we wanted to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana." 

"The first time I ever went out to recruit... I said, 'I'm here to recruit a human being first and a basketball player second.'" 

Writer for The Advocate, George Morris, discusses his coverage of the LSU vs. Loyola-Marymount game.