MONDAY: Ava Haymon, Moira Crone, Richard Sexton, Jensen Moore, Foster Campbell, and William Taylor


Poet Laureate of Louisiana Ava Haymon comments on the upcoming Celebration of Literary Arts in St. Francisville.  

Author Moira Crone joins the show to discuss her book.  She will also be in attendance of the St. Francisville Celebration of Literary Arts.  She shares her opinion on what drives writers.  

Photographer Richard Sexton will also be attending the Celebration of Literary Arts in St. Francisville.  He shares his perspective on the culture of New Orleans and Latin America and discusses his book.  

LSU Professor of Mass Communications Jensen Moore comments on the Superbowl commercials.  Every 30 seconds of commercial during the Super Bowl costs 4.5 million dollars.  111.5 million people watched the 2015 Super Bowl.  The Budweiser 'lost dog' commercial is at the top of the Super Bowl Ad Meter.  The Always 'like a girl' commercial was the number two Super Bowl commercial. 

Moore comments on the half time show.  


Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell comments on the shrinking Democratic Party.  "They don't want to do the right thing, they just want to do the republican/democratic thing," Campbell says of politicians.  Campbell says payday loans "ought to be about morality."  Campbell comments on the oil and gas industry.  "He's not going to be the next president," he says of Governor Bobby Jindal, "he's going to spend the rest of his life as a lobbyist." 

"I think people as a whole like a politician to tell it like it is," Campbell says.  

William Taylor "the unofficial Saints historian" comments on the Super Bowl.  "The ending was storybook," Taylor says.  The Patriots won the Super Bowl for the 4th time in 14 years.  

Taylor discusses the stats of the Hall of Fame members.