THURSDAY: Mark Ballard, John Treen, and Mona Simpson


Mark Ballard from The Advocate joins the show to discuss the challenges Governor Jindal will face in his final months in office.  "It would be about 60 thousand dollars if we docked his pay," Ballard says of Jindal's frequent absences.  He continues, commenting on the budget cuts to higher education.  "There's probably going to be an increase in fees." 

Recent AP news about 150 million dollars to healthcare and 376 million to higher education in tax credits.  Louisiana is over a billion dollars in projected debt.  Ballard says that Jindal is now looking at refundable tax credits.  "He has to balance the budget without everyone hating him... but he can't add new taxes." 

Jim says, "I think they both have healthy assessments of themselves..." of David Vitter and Bobby Jindal.  

"Everything all these politicians say is tainted by their partisanship," Ballard comments.  

Jay Dardenne is the only candidate for governor of Louisiana in favor of Common Core. 

"I kind of saw him running for president from the very beginning," Ballard says of Governor Jindal.  


Author Mona Simpson comments on her new book, Casebook, about children who spy on their parents through high tech walkie talkies.  

Long time David Vitter critic, John Treen says the Louisiana senior U.S. senator is the front runner in the October 24th Gubernatorial primary.  He is the only politician to ever have been defeated by David Duke.  "I never committed the original sin of being a democrat," Treen jokes.

"I've been told there is another scandal coming about concerning Vitter," Treen says.  He refuses further comment.  

Dean of the Louisiana Republican Party John Treen met David Vitter in 1989.  

Treen comments on the 1989 race in which he was defeated by David Duke.  He says, "It was probably better for me that I didn't win, maybe not for the state, but for me."  "He lied about me, that's how he won that election," Treen says.  

"I don't think you should be so beholden to your party that you blindly vote for whomever candidate they have," Treen says.  He discusses his past voting history on both sides of the aisle.  "I think Romney is one of the best candidates we've ever had."  He argues that experience is the most needed quality for an executive position candidate.  

"One of the things the Republican parties need to do is reach out to the African American community."

He also asserts the troubles with our education system and what can be done to better it.  "I think that taxes are absolutely essential... now to what degree?" Treen comments.