WEDNESDAY: Alvin Augustus Jones, Lamar White, and Robert Adley


Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones discusses racial discrimination and the need for a positive African American movement.  He asserts that young black americans need positive role models to be more prevalent.  "You can do a plethora of things other than a rapper or a 'gangsta,'" Jones says.  

Dr. Jones recalls a story from his youth in which he was approached by a white officer, and he knew to "tone the situation down not escalate it."  He says there is a lack of accountability and responsibility.  He argues that young people living out the themes of rap music and pop culture.  "We have to let these young people see a diversity of options, not just rap, not just sports." 

Celebrated blogger of central Louisiana Lamar White Jr. joins the show to discuss Bill Cassidy and the report on his finances that recently came out about his 20 thousand dollar salary from LSU.  He says, "It was a good day for him, and a bad day for LSU."  They debate whether Bill Cassidy should continue work as a physician while he is a congressman.  


Senator Robert Adley, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee comments on the budget cuts and the effect they will have on roads and bridges in Louisiana.  He will also comment on the Keystone Pipeline.

The budget for the transportation committee has recently been cut $22 million.  He continues, further explaining the debt crisis and how it is negatively impacting the transportation budget.  "There are bridges that are going to be closing down because they are unsafe because we've not got to that 80/20 match."  80% of the budget should be coming from the federal government.  Adley says the budget needs $70 million dollars.

Robert Adley served in Vietnam.  "I believe every man and woman ought to serve some service in their military... It's going down, and I regret that."  He briefly comments on Brian William's recent scandal.