WEDNESDAY: Elbert Guillory, Paul Rainwater


Senator Elbert Guillory comments on the recent election results and his opinion of former Senator Mary Landrieu.  Guillory said, "Despite the lies that come out of the wash house, I'm sorry, White House." Jim commented, "A Freudian slip, perhaps?"  Guillory chuckled, "Yes yes." 

Senator Guillory believes his forty-five year experience qualifies him to be Lieutenant Governor. 

Louisiana's deficit could be close to 2 billion dollars with the declining price of oil. 

Guillory did not serve in Vietnam, but he says, "Those who ducked service, like a couple of our past presidents, I don't have much respect for them." 

A listener asks if Guillory uses tax payer dollars to travel.  Guillory responds, "I do travel extensively.  Every bit of it has been paid for by persons inviting me or my campaign." 

Senator Guillory describes wrestling a bear.  He says, "When my son was 5 or 6 years old, a bear attacked us, and I killed the bear with bowie knife." 

After a listener condemns Guillory for having 4 marriages and 4 divorces, he says, "There have been prenuptial agreements for wives 2,3, and 4."  

The Senator has not yet seen Selma, but he says, "I have a scar on my derriere from a police dog" from a civil rights event in his younger days. 

About 1 in 8 white Louisianans have black ancestry. 

When asked about a potential run for the presidency, Guillory says, "I don't want to leave Louisiana... If they moved the White House to Louisiana I would be happy to serve." 

"The culture of violence in our young people must be addressed.  We cannot continue to give them garbage."  


Paul Rainwater who was the former commissioner of administration and former chief of staff for Governor Bobby Jindal joins us to discuss the $300 million cut in Louisiana's education budget.   

Paul Rainwater received the bronze star when finishing up his tour in Iraq.  "There's life after politics," Rainwater says, "You learn a lot as a soldier, how to deal with stress." 

Rainwater says, "I believe in bipartisan government.  Doesn't mean you'll always agree, but at least you'll work together."  

The Bill Cassidy and Mary Landrieu election was the most expensive in the state. 

Paul Rainwater is a Colonel for the United States Army in the National Guard. 

Paul Rainwater gives his opinion on the education budget cuts.  

A listener asks Rainwater if he thinks the governor will run for president.  "I think the governor is going to seek the nomination.  There's no doubt about that.  He's a very sincere person... He's a brilliant man."  "I think the governor has done a great job of reforming higher education." 

Every time there is a tuition increase there is a budget increase for the TOPS plan.