THURSDAY: J. Michael Lennon, Jim Bouton, Scott Rabalais, Gus Weill

Hour 1:

J. Michael Lennon on the "Selected Letters of Norman Mailer" -- Lennon says Mailer never tossed a single thing he ever wrote.

Jim Bouton is up next -- former professional baseball player who played in the MLB as a pitcher for the Yankees, Pilots, Astros and Braves.

Jim also talks about his baseball book "Ball Four" which is a combination of his diary during the 1969 season and memoir of his years with the Yankees, Pilots and Astros.

Hour 2:

Scott Rabalais sportswriter from The Advocate on the future of LSU Head Coach Les Miles.

Then it's famed political consultant Gus Weill to chat about what's happened to the Democratic Party in Louisiana.